Friday, February 7, 2014

Oversized Looks That Work

So I decided to start my blog fresh and new and erase everything from the past and focus on the future! I'm currently still working as a stylist at LF Stores on Larchmont Blvd and loving it!! I hadn't been keeping up with my blog so I decided to get an iPad mini specifically to keep up with blogging! So stay tuned for more styles by me and even for some of my favorite things!! Here I styled a look for girls who have a more grungy style. I personally love this style and continue my everyday struggle on whether or not I want my personal style to be girly or grunge, but guess what! Springs coming! So I guess my style really does depend on what season it is! I can't wait for soft shorts and flower crowns but for now let's focus on the last bit of the fall/winter season we have! Here I styled a Furst of a kind vintage ACDC crop with plaid sleeves over a high low Emma and Sam tank, Carmar boyfriend jeans and to finish it off a Furst of a Kind Vintage Cardigan, Dolce Vita cutout booties and a LF Stores red beanie. This is a perfect layered look for the 2013/2014 Fall/Winter season and everything is oversized head to toe!! For those of you afraid to try the oversized look here's a tip! I DESPISED the way boyfriend jeans fit my body until just the other day! No matter how much I loved them I was convinced they only are flattering on tall stick figures. Then i tried some on and went two sizes down and loved the way they looked on me! Because of the oversize they weren't too tight and I love that I could still easily and comfortably roll them up to pair with some cute booties!!! Hope you all love this look as much as I do! Til next time! Xoxo (Styled by Echo Raphael featuring: LF Stores, Furst of a Kind, Emma and Sam, Carmar, Dolce Vita)

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