Sunday, February 23, 2014

goodbye, fall

as the season is ending at LF stores, and all of the fall product is flying out the door, i can't help but get excited for spring time! There is already so much product I am excited for, but I can't wait to see what my favorite store and workplace LF gets in for their Spring/Summer collection so I can get some styling sessions going! Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year, not only for the pretty flowers and beautiful weather, but because its the time I get a year older! (yay) Here's a few of my MUST HAVE pieces for Spring, and also a look I put together for the new season!!!

I can absolutely not wait for poms!!! I've already seen them at a couple of places on shorts and on dresses, and even on backpacks!! This personally is my number one favorite Trend of Spring 2014! (And don't forget about all of the flowers in her hair!! That's another fav I swoon over)
Another big trend I'm excited for This season is jelly shoes!!!! I already snatched a pair for myself and I'm so excited!!! Here's a little preview of how I would style them!!! 
Last but not least my final fav trend! This has been going through fall as we'll, but I seriously can not wait to wear ruffled socks with booties and even jellies this summer!!! Some light color cutout boots would be the perfect shoe for these beauties!!

In honor of the Start of the spring season here my first official styled look!!! (Obvi had to include my fav place ever lemonade)

Keep reading for more spring goodness!!! I'm so happy it's almost here!!!!! Xoxoxoxo

Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Vibes on Larchmont!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Hope everyone's day was as fun as mine!! Today was my beautiful managers birthday so naturally knowing the team at LF Larchmont that means we stuff our face as much as we can...obviously...I told myself I'd start being healthier and ate amazing yesterday and felt great until I walked into work and new I couldn't avoid the beauty of this baby....
So this my friends is kind of a s'more but better...let's just explain the layers from bottom to top. K so graham cracker, cookie dough, chocolate chunks and marshmallows....long story short I ate way too much and it may or may not have been the best thing I've ever eaten....(Learn how to make your own on Pinterest!) but for my lovely manager this wasn't enough to show our love for her birthday so we went to rite aid to get her a pretty card, candy and some balloons! Larchmont blvd is really one of my favorite places in the entire world! On the way there, there were a couple of things I saw that really brightened my day! 
First obviously I had to get my daily trienta black tea! The baristas on Larchmont are so sweet and all love me since I'm now a regular and I was so happy to see a smiley next to my name! It's little things like this that can make someone's day that much better!
Then outside of Starbucks this was all over the wall which I thought was really cool! 
Finally on the way back into the store I checked out the store library on Larchmont! All the interior In the store is so cool!!! This specific piece on the floor helped me get a bit of fashion inspiration for the day! This is what I came up with:
First of all I am absolutely OBSESSED with these Millau overalls! I mean ruffles at the bottom? C'mon, how much cuter can it get? I paired the overalls with my favorite Emma & Sam off the shoulder crop and Furst of a Kind jacket with plaid sleeves! To accessorize the outfit I threw on a leather cap, a "Must Have" necklace, strappy LF bralette, and an LF Stores necklace! To finish it off I wore these CUTE 67 booties! I'm obsessed with cutout boots and I just love the buckle and white chunky heel on those bad boys! OVERALL, (hehe) I absolutely love this outfit and it's a really fun, casual outfit even on a chillier day In Los Angeles! Until next time!!! Xoxo Featuring: (Millau, Emma and Sam, Furst of a Kind, LF Stores, and 67)

Oversized Looks That Work

So I decided to start my blog fresh and new and erase everything from the past and focus on the future! I'm currently still working as a stylist at LF Stores on Larchmont Blvd and loving it!! I hadn't been keeping up with my blog so I decided to get an iPad mini specifically to keep up with blogging! So stay tuned for more styles by me and even for some of my favorite things!! Here I styled a look for girls who have a more grungy style. I personally love this style and continue my everyday struggle on whether or not I want my personal style to be girly or grunge, but guess what! Springs coming! So I guess my style really does depend on what season it is! I can't wait for soft shorts and flower crowns but for now let's focus on the last bit of the fall/winter season we have! Here I styled a Furst of a kind vintage ACDC crop with plaid sleeves over a high low Emma and Sam tank, Carmar boyfriend jeans and to finish it off a Furst of a Kind Vintage Cardigan, Dolce Vita cutout booties and a LF Stores red beanie. This is a perfect layered look for the 2013/2014 Fall/Winter season and everything is oversized head to toe!! For those of you afraid to try the oversized look here's a tip! I DESPISED the way boyfriend jeans fit my body until just the other day! No matter how much I loved them I was convinced they only are flattering on tall stick figures. Then i tried some on and went two sizes down and loved the way they looked on me! Because of the oversize they weren't too tight and I love that I could still easily and comfortably roll them up to pair with some cute booties!!! Hope you all love this look as much as I do! Til next time! Xoxo (Styled by Echo Raphael featuring: LF Stores, Furst of a Kind, Emma and Sam, Carmar, Dolce Vita)